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Make the Case for Business-Texting with our Latest Infographic

Did you know that when brands text enable their Toll-Free Numbers, not only do they increase efficiency – agents can handle several conversations at once – they also improve customer experience, increase engagement and drive sales?


A Texting Q&A with EZ Texting

If you’ve looked into business texting at all, chances are you’ve heard of EZ Texting.


Why SMS Is Essential to an Omnichannel Engagement Strategy

An effective omnichannel strategy is your key to improving customer satisfaction.


The Benefits of Business Texting

Although nothing is likely to replace the power of a phone call any time soon, texting has established itself as the preferred method of communication for a large segment of the population. It makes sense: Texting is fast, simple and convenient.


Texting by the Numbers: 6 Key Stats and How They Can Change Your Business

As an essential part of a successful omnichannel strategy, texting can help businesses gain a competitive edge by improving customer experience, streamlining contact center operations and more.


Does Your Customer Engagement Strategy Really Match the Customer Journey?

According to a recent survey, many brands struggle to bridge the gap between perceived customer needs and delivering a logical and complimentary solution.


How NCR Boosted Customer Satisfaction

NCR realized its busy customers didn’t have time to call its customer service line. See how NCR boosted customer satisfaction by adding the option to text.


Meet the Texters

Texting may be considered a young person’s communication method, but almost everyone—of all ages—sends and receives text messages these days.


Jumpstart Your SMS Customer Engagement Business Case

If your business is weighing whether to invest in a new omnichannel strategy or to add business texting, you’re in luck.