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Meet the Texters


Meet the Texters

Are you prepared for the customers texting your company?

Texting may be considered a young person’s communication method, but almost everyone—of all ages—sends and receives text messages these days. According to the Pew Research Center, three-quarters of all Americans text, and Experian Marketing Services found that even people ages 55 and older send and receive an average of almost 500 texts per month.

But just because people like to text with friends and family doesn’t mean they necessarily want to text with your business, right? Not necessarily. In fact, research has shown that not only are people open to business texting—they’re craving it.

Consider these numbers:

  • 70% of consumers were satisfied with a recent SMS interaction versus just 56% who were satisfied via a phone call (Forrester).
  • 75% of people find stored conversation history to be beneficial, according to the same Somos study.
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to have a positive perception of companies that offer text communications, according to a Harris Poll.

When customers text your company, they’re looking for speed, efficiency and convenience. Consider the following personalities your business needs to be ready to serve:

Riya the Reliable:

In Riya’s eyes, being 15 minutes early is being on time—despite her busy schedule. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, haircut or grocery delivery, Riya never misses a beat or an appointment when she schedules her day via text.

Deirdre the Demanding:

Deirdre is a woman on the go. Instead of waiting for what she wants, Deirdre just sends a text to check the status of her orders. This way she knows her new dress will arrive right in time for her big company fundraising event.

Travis the Traveler:

Travis has the travel bug and a few more countries to cross off his bucket list. As a seasoned airport pro, he knows half the stress of traveling is keeping track of important documents. Travis keeps cool knowing his ticket to hitting his next destination is only a text away.

Felix the Fixer:

Felix considers himself an amateur handyman and has found plenty of projects to work on in his new house. When it comes to DIY obstacles, Felix just texts his favorite repair shop for links to instructional tutorials.

Ellie the Explorer:

Ellie is an adventurous type that loves to try new things. Even in uncharted territory—like looking for new hiking trails—Ellie knows she can ask reliable brands questions to point her in the right direction.

Toll-Free texting meets customers on their terms

The ways in which companies can connect with consumers via text are limitless, and consumers clearly desire to connect with companies in innovative ways. In fact, Twilio research shows that 89% of consumers want to have the ability to text a business; however, only 48% of businesses are equipped to handle text messages. Text enable your Toll-Free Number to meet your customers where they are, satisfy their unique needs and build brand loyalty.


New Research at Your Fingertips

Texting is a proven tool in today’s competitive business world—can you afford to get left behind? Consider this: Companies with texting see an average of 10% growth year-over-year. Plus, 41% noticed an increase in sales and 49% reported improved customer CX. See how business texting can help your organization deliver a better customer experience and increased bottom line.

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