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Why Should I Text Enable My Business Number?

Business Texting at a Glance

Let’s cut to the chase: Texting can be the difference between saying hello and goodbye to customers. Texting offers a powerful touchpoint to start conversations with consumers, while also reaping several business benefits.

Get the 101 on building the business case for texting below.

Why should I text enable my number?

Gain a Competitive Advantage

It’s not if your competition will add texting, but when. EZ Texting found that 84% of surveyed consumers already receive texts from businesses today. Get ahead of the adoption curve and add texting to your toolbelt.

Gain a Competitive Advantage



Increase Sales

Texting has proven to be an effective channel for driving customer engagement, leading to higher customer response rates and increased sales conversions. Forrester Consulting found that businesses with SMS grew an average of 10% year-over-year.


Increase Sales


Increase Contact Center Efficiency

With texting, contact centers become faster and more cost-effective. Texting has been shown to increase contact center efficiencies by 300% due to easy automation. Plus, agents can handle up to five texts for every one voice conversation. 

Increase Contact Center Efficiency



Enhance Customer Experience & Drive Engagement

Today’s consumers aren’t afraid to move on from a company that isn’t delivering a great experience. And according to EZ Texting, 54% of those consumers are frustrated when they can’t text a business. Add texting to satisfy customers and drive conversions down the line.  


Enhance Customer Experience and Drive Engagement

Consumers are Texting

Your customers and competitors are texting. Are you?

73% of consumers wish more businesses texted them

of consumers wish more businesses texted them

39% of of businesses use texting with customers today

of businesses use texting with customers today


of consumers tried replying to missed calls via text

Why Toll-Free?

Toll-Free Numbers are a single, national business number to call or text, making it easy for consumers to engage in conversations with your brand in whatever way suits them best. Toll-Free Numbers are also multipurpose business tools that can help you better understand customers, streamline contact center operations, and analyze marketing campaigns. Consider some of the following benefits of text enabling your Toll-Free Number:

  • Enables two-way conversations
  • Can be person-to-person or person-to-machine
  • Leverages a number you already use
  • Cheaper and faster to activate than short codes
  • Recognized by consumers as the primary means of contact for customer support

New Research at Your Fingertips

Texting is a proven tool in today’s competitive business world—can you afford to get left behind? Consider this: Companies with texting see an average of 10% growth year-over-year. Plus, 41% noticed an increase in sales and 49% reported improved customer CX. See how business texting can help your organization deliver a better customer experience and increased bottom line.

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