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Jumpstart Your SMS Customer Engagement Business Case

If your business is weighing whether to invest in a new omnichannel strategy or to add business texting, you’re in luck. According to research conducted by Forrester Consulting and sponsored by Somos, you can do both by simply adding texting. Forrester Consulting found that the business cases for SMS adoption and omnichannel engagement are the same, meaning that adding texting can also improve your omnichannel strategy so your company can reap the benefits faster.

To be successful in business texting as well as drive a superior omnichannel experience, Forrester Consulting’s findings recommend that companies:

  • Invest in omnichannel architecture that supports technology interoperability
  • Ensure consistency of business functions across the extended organization
  • Create a customer profile in a single location
  • Focus omnichannel KPIs on the task that customers are trying to accomplish

Read more about how to jump-start your business case for texting when you check out “Text Me When You’re Ready - Serve Customers On Their Terms With Text-Enabled Toll-Free Numbers.”

New Research at Your Fingertips

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